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Essay about Differences in natural languages
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When distinguishing between natural languages and artificial languages, the natural language must first be examined more closely, write your essay with Here a distinction is made between human language and animal language.
Human language
– situation-independent
– conceptual generalization can be expressed through symbols (signs)
– formulate metalinguistic judgments (rules – spelling, grammar)
– language has to be learned
– expressions are structured (parts of sentences, words …), it follows:
– language is structured hierarchically
Animal language
– situation-bound
– no symbols
– instinct-driven stimulus-reaction behavior (different views, also regarding learning)
– an expression is always connected with a certain content and cannot be broken down further
– language is not structured hierarchically
– in this sense, it is better to speak of animal communication systems.
Differences between natural (human) languages and artificial languages
Artificial languages are sign systems that only regulate communication within a limited subject area, such as programming languages, use servise  to create professional essay, or that have not developed naturally, such as speech and speech signals generated by electronic speech synthesis or developed auxiliary languages such as Interligua.
Programming languages
Programming languages are designed so that a computer can directly execute instructions expressed in them. This means that in contrast to natural languages, where a word can have several meanings, a programming language clearly defines which character strings are permitted as a program (syntax) and what these character strings do (semantics).
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